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"Branding", "Influencers", "Going viral"...

What does it all mean?

If you own and/or operate one of the 3.7 million construction businesses in the US, chances are you didn't major in marketing. You majored in Real Life.

You've spent years becoming the best at what it is that you do: carpentry, painting, plumbing, flooring, roofing, etc. Your entire market area should know it! 

You can be the absolute best at what you do and not necessarily convert that skill into a profitable or healthy business. Business Development is about finding where opportunities exist for education, training, or supplementing experts in to help give the business that you love the tools it needs to succeed. 

Lead Generation

"I just need more ________________." The blank can be filled by so many things. One of the most common reasons that business owners will give for not achieving goals is that they aren't generating enough leads. This may or may not be the case or may or may not be the biggest problem in increasing revenue. While there are many companies and resources for lead generation it is hard to decide which are worthwhile and where to make the most of the sometimes considerable cost. 

Digital Marketing

Whether your business has an established digital identity or not, chances are there are areas that could use some focus, imrovement, or overhaul. The days of construction companies ignoring online opportunities for lead generation, customer engagement, networking, or brand development have passed. There are options for companies that didn't exist just a few years ago. These opportunities can be leveraged in ways to help your construction-based business achieve its goals. 

Social Network Development

There are many stories of owners joining networking groups only to find months (or years) had gone by without feeling like the business had benefitted. Networking is still important in establishing relationships for referrals based on trusted connections.  Of course, the landscape has changed. Traditional networking is still important, but proper management of social media accounts can lead to incredible results. It is now business-as-usual for companies to not only establish social media accounts, but to engage directly with all of the stakeholders in a company. 

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