Business Development

A common question among small business owners is how to grow their business. Our response is "business development". Think of business development as all of the things that could be done to make your business better. There are several components to business development: sales, marketing, strategic partnerships, business planning, the management of vendors, products, and services, and all of the networking that may be necessary to accomplish the goal(s) of the developing business. There are also financial exercises that can be of great benefit including analysis and negotiation of better financial position(s) for the business in its relationships with vendors, customers, and employees. 

Business development is really the part of the business that most construction-based small businesses either don't have the ability or desire to engage in. This is also where The Zimboski Group can truly create the greatest benefit to your company. Bringing the knowledge of how to analyze, interpret, and effect change in information created through research and reporting cna have a profound impact on a company's bottom line. This is essentially where the rubber meets the road. In many cases, business development is the answer to the question, "Why can't I seem to grow this thing?" or "How do I turn these past 20 years of effort into a retirement?".

Finally, it's important that a business development plan be realistic and not break the company. Too often, the advice a small company receives in terms of growing their business would make the benefit unappealing because of the short-term damage to cash flow. We understand this. Many construction-based businesses maintain a lean financial buffer that pays the bills of the business and owner, but leaves little for anything else. We can work with these types of budgets and can establish creative solutions that will meet both long and short-term financial and growth goals.