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To many construction professionals, marketing can be an intimidating part of building their business. But it doesn't have to be. The Zimboski Group has the experience and expertise to help . Whether you're looking to start a new business, grow your market share, or simply generate more leads, The Zimboski Group can put a plan together for nearly any budget. 

Our program begins with evaluating your current brand. This entails much more than simply deciding whether your logo is sufficient. We'll research your industry in your market and see how you measure up. It is our goal to help our customers establish themselves in a specific industry in a specific market that accurately reflects the company's abilities. If you're a great landscaper, we want to be sure that everyone in your chosen market knows it. 

In this process, we'll identify target demographics and assess how to best introduce them to your services. This may include traditional print, TV, or radio. Often, a digital approach can be far more targeted and far less expensive. We don't believe that the company that spends the most wins. We believe in finding the best way to maximize nearly any size budget to include an efficient and effective campaign. 

Social media marketing is so much more than simply posting randomly and without a plan. Through a purposeful approach to each social media outlet that fits your goals, we can effectively market to existing and potential customers. Additionally, the benefits of engaging with other stakeholders, such as the community at large can be very beneficial to companies.


A multi-faceted campaign involving your brand, some market research, and a blend of traditional and digital marketing will typically produce the type of "shot in the arm" most construction businesses have in mind when they reach out to us.  

We can help!

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