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Our History

The Zimboski Group LLC was founded in 2019 when Daniel Zimboski realized that there are many contractors and small business owners who simply aren't experienced in the "business-side" of running a business. 

While they may be masters of their craft, other elements of the company were left neglected or ignored. Many contractors had never considered a sales rep, a customer service professional, or a marketing expert to be something necessary for them to complete jobs. 

In many ways, these contractors were right. When the need is to get the job done, it seems counterintuitive to add to the office staff, right? While this thinking predominates construction-based businesses, it may be holding that same business back from the growth the owner would like to see.

That's where The Zimboski Group comes in. We are building our company with the specific goal of focusing on construction-based businesses. As construction-based businesses join the digital age and begin to reap the rewards of a targeted, purposeful digital presence, the Zimboski Group is here to help. 

In our short history, we've worked with companies that specialize in flooring, roofing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, handyman services, remodeling, and new construction and development. While each of these businesses is distinctly different, they have similar goals and ideas about where they wanted to go.

Never overbearing or trying to sell anything at all, we were able to hear exactly what these businesses wanted to achieve. As part of our program, we have the ability to plan, implement, and track any marketing or business development plan of action. In each of these previous examples, the customer wished to be mostly "hands-off", however, through transparency and consistent communication, none reported feeling as though they didn't understand what was happening to their benefit at any point. 

Our experience not only in working with construction companies, but having worked in the industry as well shows as soon as you meet a member of our team. 



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