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Our Team

The Zimboski Group works with a network of professionals, but makes every effort to keep the staffing lean in order to control overhead that would, ultimately be passed to our customers. To that end, our primary team leader is Mr. Daniel Zimboski himself. 

As a child, Daniel's mom and dad both worked in the construction industry. His mom was a book keeper and office manager for several different construction-based entities over the years and his dad was a union carpenter. Having their household supported by the industry for decades helped build in Daniel an appreciation for construction.

Though the industry kept the bills paid, it wasn't lost on him that his family never achieved more than what two parents could provide with jobs. Taking on side projects in evenings and on weekends seemed to be the only way that his dad could provide any of the "extras" that he and his siblings could want. His work ethic was firmly engrained in those years. 

As a young adult, Daniel typically worked multiple jobs. Usually, this meant that there was at least one job in a construction-related business and another in some various industry. This allowed him to learn the business side of construction and how other businesses operate in other industries. 

Even with multiple jobs and revenue streams, Daniel found himself in the familiar position of being able to just pay bills and support his family. Changes would be necessary if he wanted to be able to provide for more and to build for a future for his children and grandchildren. 

After decades of experiential learning, he found a knack for applying business practices and principles to the industry that he had a life-long relationship with. To avoid any gaps in applicable knowledge, he went back to school and earned an AS in Construction Management and a BS in Business Information Management. 

His passion for the construction industry, belief that hard work should be rewarded, and desire to help small business owners recognize their own dreams drives the efforts of the Zimboski Group today. 

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